September 2020: Committee Meeting Minutes

Updated: Mar 2

King Ælfred Lodge 7487

Committee Meeting

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held by Video Conference on Monday, September 14, 2020 The meeting was opened at 7.12 pm by the Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Tim Hadfield.

In attendance: W. Bro’s. Tim Hadfield (TH) Chair; Alan Smith (AS) Secretary; Mick Whitfield (MW); Derek Saunders (DS); David McLean (DMc); Richard Ings (RI); Stuart Mawson (SM); Dave King (DK); Paul Naish (PN); Ian Paddey (IP); plus Bro’s Lee Saunders (LS); Ryan Hadfield (RH); Darren Foy (DF); Ernie Jeffs (EJ); and Stuart Robinson (SR).

Apologies: W. Bro. Aubrey Monahan; Mike Robinson; Andy Fell; David Flemming; Andi Parker; plus Bro’s. Matt Wood; Brian Hall; Ken Foulkes; Charles Herriotts and Daniel Gordon.

1. Declaration of ‘Any other business’

a. Over-payments FDD/SO (DMc)

b. Consideration for a Presentation/Lecture for October meeting (ALL)

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on June 8 and the Emergency meeting held on July 20, 2020. These had been circulated to all members and were duly proposed as a true and accurate account of proceedings and duly proposed by MW, 2nd DMc and approved on a ‘show of hands’ by those present.

3. Matters arising from June meeting:

a. Agenda item Members Masonic CVs - Standing update for ALL Members to update their individual profile in the ‘Members’ section of the Lodge website:

b. Agenda item 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-8 - Festive Boards 2019/2020 (EntCom) This action remained outstanding and was subsequently withdrawn.

c. Agenda item Potential candidates/Membership Pathway - Standing update for ALL Members to think about prospective candidates from within their circle of male associates etc.

d. Agenda item 3-3-3-3-3-3-4 – Past Masters Jewels – There was no update from AP and the action remains outstanding. UPDATE REQUIRED from ANDI PARKER.

e. Agenda Item 3-3-3-3-6 – Timings of Meetings - There was no update from AP and the action remains outstanding. UPDATE REQUIRED from JEFF RADFORD.

f. Agenda item 3-6a - Outstanding subs – IP stated there were 11 members whose subs were outstanding and he would be contacting each one during the coming week. Should payment remain outstanding, a second letter will be sent informing the member they are at risk of being excluded at the November meeting. ACTION IAN PADDEY.

g. Agenda item 6b – Charity Protocol – This has now been approved and duly circulated to all Members.

h. Agenda item 6d – Supporting the Centre Caterer. Action resolved.

i. Agenda item 6f – New social account. Action resolved.

j. Agenda item 6g – Lodge Stewards responsibilities. SR stated this would be attended to following his appointment as Lodge Junior Warden and when the Lodge is able to fully meet again.

Matters arising from July meeting:

Agenda item 4 – Managing member attendance. UPDATE REQUIRED from SC. SC not present and no update provided.

Agenda item 6 – Managing Lodge furniture, equipment & regalia, plus junior mason attendance. UPDATE REQUIRED from Lodge DC ADC & Lodge Preceptor. The Lodge Risk Assessment addresses this, plus the Rule of 6 affects junior mason attendance. Action resolved.

4. Lodge Covid-19 Risk Assessment - The Risk Assessment had been circulated to all members and was proposed by DMc. Second by SR and duly approved by all those present. DMc asked DF if the centre would be providing ‘mista spray’. DF stated that was a responsibility of the Lodge.

5. Preparation, planning and logistics for future regular meetings – Following a brief discussion, it was proposed that AS, MW and TH meet and submit plans/proposals for the October and November meetings. Having been excluded from this meeting, a second meeting was duly convened by the WM to enable the Lodge DC be involved. It was further proposed that following his discussions with Province, AS speak to the Master Elect to outline the options open to him, and to provide reassurance of the support available to him.

6. Confirmation of meeting attendees for October & November meetings – It was agreed that this be dealt with as agreed in Agenda Item 5.

7. Any other business as declared in Agenda item 1 above

a. How will Bro. Treasurer be managing any SO or DD over payments? – IP stated that he will be preparing a list of any over payments made and would then contact each individual member to establish whether they would prefer a refund, or donate the money to charity. ACTION IAN PADDEY.

b. Consideration for a Presentation/Lecture for October meeting – Although this was discussed, nothing was agreed.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.01 pm. Date of next meeting – Monday, December 14, 2020 at 7pm prompt