December 2020: Almoners Report

Updated: Mar 9

Almoners Report December Period 2020

A personal thought from Bro Almoner

To those I have helped, I wish I had done more.

To those I neglected to help, I ask your understanding.

To those that helped me, a sincere and fraternal thank you

Brethren, firstly may I draw your attention to the fact that my almoners report is now available to read on-line. Log onto the King Aelfred website – (click the link to take you to the site)

Secondly, I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Coronavirus Epidemic

Death of W.Bro Robert Seago R.I.P. (know to his friends as ‘’Bob’’) A sympathy card has been sent to his family.

Sadly Brethren it is also with much regret that I must inform you all of the death of W.Bro Andy Fell’s, Mother and Stepfather during this dreadful Coronavirus Epidemic. May their souls Rest in Peace. Brethren, I have sent a sympathy card to Andy, Viv and their family, from our W.Master and all the brethren of the lodge with our deepest sympathies.

Ps. W.Bro. Andy gave me permission to share this news with you all, in order to reinforce the impact and devastation of this dreadful Coronavirus Pandemic. – Brethren, it really can strike anywhere and anyone!

Those who died yesterday - Had plans for the morning

Those that died this morning - had plans for tonight

Don’t take life for granted - In the blink of an eye, everything changes

So, forgive often and love with all your heart

You never know when you may not have the chance again

Rest Eternal Grant unto them, and let perpetual light shine upon them.

Update for your continued interest

There are many organisations and charities across the country dedicated to providing emotional and practical support including the Masonic Charitable Fund. (M.C.F)

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight MCF

Brethren, for your continued interest, 162 Freemasons and their family members helped with grants totalling £489.695

£342.441 (to help cover daily living costs)

£115.562 - (to Support health, care and wellbeing)

£31.691 - (to support education of children and young people)

(25 people have so far accessed our counselling service)

The trustees of the Masonic Charitable Foundation Trust have also provided help to many brethren and their families (which is virtually instant financial support).

Dear Brethren All, may I please ask you all once not to be a stranger to your fellow Brothers in the lodge, especially in these most difficult times, and as some of you are at home, which gives you an opportunity to lift up your phone and say hello, most importantly to anyone living on their own, I am sure your call would be very much appreciated, I know that If I was on my own I would be delighted with a friendly chat from a fellow brother).

Once again may I remind you that some Brethren and Widows suffer ongoing problems and those that I know to be suffering I try and help by contacting them on a regularly basis, mostly all that is ever needed is a friendly telephone call for Pastoral support.

Regrettably we are all getting older and aches and pains linger on, some ongoing conditions serve as a reminder to us all as to how vulnerable we can all be.

Most Important - Almoners Best Practice

Brethren All, confidentiality will always be my priority and as your Almoner, and it would be most inappropriate for me ever to discuss personal conversations or actions with anyone but the individual concerned. Please ask me NOT to include any details if you contact me and prefer to remain unidentified! I will record it in my file and act accordingly.

——— December Update ———-

Brethren, I can now report to you all that all the Widows and Brethren of the Lodge over the Christmas period have all been Recently contacted by me personally.

Everyone that I have been in contact with have asked me to thank you all for thinking of them and send their regards to you and your families for the festive season requesting that you all keep safe and keep well.

Edited correspondence with some of our Lodge widows.

Barbara Robinson (Tom R.I.P)- mother of Mike our Chaplain.

To the W.Master and Brethren of King Aelfred Lodge - Thank you for sending me Christmas greetings and a very generous M&S voucher. I will enjoy spending it in the New Year. Let’s hope next year will be better than this one. My thanks again, wishing you and the brethren a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Sincerely Barbara Robinson

Moira Skinner (David R.I.P)

HI Aubrey, thank you for doing a great job during the year keeping in touch as Almoner and thank you to the Lodge for the Christmas card and gift voucher. Keep safe Moira.

Shirley Morrissey (Brian R.I.P)

Dear Aubrey, thank you for your very kind Christmas messages this morning. I received the card and M & S gift vouchers and ask would you please pass on my greetings and thanks to the Worshipful master and all the lodge brethren. Love to you and your family for this very special time of year. Shirley.

Lesley Alan-Terry (Duncan R.I.P, founder member of K/A/L)

Thank you for your lovely card and gift voucher from the brethren of the lodge. I very much appreciate being remembered in this way. I had planned to spend Christmas with my family in Australia, but sadly I will be at home on my own, but we will FaceTime instead. Thank you Aubrey, for keeping in touch during this strange year. My best wishes to all the brethren and hope you will be able to resume meetings soon. Christmas wishes to your wife and your family. Lesley.

Sheila Price (Michael R.I.P)

Happy Christmas and a peaceful New year and thank you for your card and Voucher. Love from Sheila. P.S.. ‘’ Jacque Lanson ‘’ Video Card sent to me in her reply.

Eve Kirkham (Bill R.I.P)

Brethren I continue to speak on the telephone with Eve, always cheerful and most amiable and a delightful woman to converse with and most interesting. She thanked me for her Christmas card and gift voucher and wished to be remembered to all ‘Bills and her Old friends’ in the Lodge and sends her best wishes to all the members for the future. Ps. Always spend at least one hour on the Phone!!

Rita Carter (John R.I.P)

Received a very nice telephone call from Rita, she thanked me for her Christmas card and asked me also to thank all the Lodge members for her Christmas M&S voucher, which she said she will enjoy spending after Covid lockdown. She sends kindest regards to all at King Aelfred.

Marion Flemming - Mother of David (P.Assit .Prov.G. Master)

Marion and I speak quite regularly and she is always bright and cheerful and although now in her 100th year, we always seem to enjoy each other’s company. Ps. Sample of her Christmas card received - To Dear Aubrey, many thanks for my lovely present from the Lodge, wishing you all a cosy Christmas and fondest love, Marion.

Mary Drury (Arthur R.I.P)

To Aubrey, happy Christmas to you and Barbara wishing you a Merry Christmas and thank you for your card and the welcome gift from the King Aelfred Lodge - Mary

Brethren the above widows have also been lately contacted by telephone by myself, including; Connie Bailey (Keith R.I.P)

Edited correspondence from Brethren/Honorary and friends of King Aelfred Lodge.

V.W. Bro Jon Whitaker (Provincial Grand Master)

Dear Aubrey and family, my Seasons greetings to you all as well.. My thanks for keeping in touch all year. Good health and God Bless to you and yours. As ever — Jon and Linda —-

W.Bro Roy Quinn (P.Asst. Prov. G.Master)

Many thanks Aubrey, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a Happy and prosperous year ahead. Your continued e-mails over the last year have been so comforting and so much appreciated. Kindest regards to you and all your kin. Roy and Linda.

W.Bro David Flemming (P.Asst. Prov. G.Master)

Thanks Aubrey. The same to you and Barbara and all your family. Di and David.

W. Bro. Phil Chapman

Dear Aubrey, many thanks for your very kind wishes and I do hope you and your family are keeping well and particularly that your Barbara is on the road to recovery. All my family appear to be healthy and in good spirits and looking forward to Christmas. We are trying to work out how we can spend some (social distancing) time with them over the festive season, as after six months of virtual lockdown we do not want to jeopardise anything now when we are so close to beating this awful virus. With our very best and kindest wishes to you and your family. Phil.

Andi Parker (Lodge D.C)

HI Aubrey, all good our end. Good to hear you and your lovely wife Barbara are well. Have a good Christmas, best wishes to you both and thank you for all you do. Andi and Emma.

W. Bro Stuart Mawson (A.D.C)

Aubrey and the same to you and Barbara and family. Your Christmas tree looks lovely. Stay safe and have a lovely festive time. Kindest regards, Stuart.

W. Bro Mick Whitfield (Lodge Preceptor)

Hi Aubrey, your tree looks lovely and it’s beginning to look a bit more like Christmas everywhere. May I wish you and Barbara all the best for the festive season and look forward to a brighter 2021, so that we can get back to some sort of normality and get together like we used to do. Fondest regards to you both. Mick.

W. Bro Alan Smith

Many thanks for your kind festive greetings Aubrey, which are reciprocated to you and Barbara and enjoy the Christmas season as best you can. Kindest regards Alan and Donna.

W.Bro Andy Fell

Hi Aubrey, many thanks for your Seasons greetings. Viv and I wish you and your family the same. Kindest regards Viv and Andy. Ps. Brethren. Extra information added above in my report for your interest.

W. Bro Brian Saunders (Lodge Organist)

Good afternoon Aubrey and how very nice your tree looks. Myra and I normally go away for Christmas, but it looks like this year we will be alone. Regards Myra and Brian.

Bro Noel Grimmet

Dear Aubrey, a very nice tree. I must get out a few decorations to brighten thing up a bit. All o.k here thanks and hopefully I will be joining with some of my family in Poole over the Christmas period. Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Kindest regards Noel

W. Bro Ray Fisher

Aubrey, thank you for your e-mail. I hope to get to Lancashire for Christmas, that is if the Pandemic allows me! I will be back in Alresford for the New Year and I hope next year will be better than this year. All the best to you and yours. Sincerely and Fraternally, Ray.

W. Bro Ron Rainbird.

Hello Aubrey, thank you for your Christmas e-mail. We are managing to survive 2020 and do believe we can see a light at the end of the tunnel (I do hope that it is not an express train rushing towards us!). We wish you both a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New year. Maureen and Ron.

W. Bro Mike Robinson (Lodge Chaplain)

Good afternoon to you Aubrey, many thanks for your Christmas wishes and I can see you have been decorating your tree (or was it Barbara) we are both fine. Christmas tree and decorations all in place and almost all presents bought and wrapped (that’s down to Carole not me, I must confess). I keep in touch with mum everyday by telephone and generally she is in good spirits. She was delighted with her gift from the Acorn Club, which was delivered by Brian Davies and his wife Pam. Carole and I wish you both a very merry Christmas and here’s hoping that with the vaccines now coming on stream we can all have a very happy New Year. Aubrey, you are doing a marvellous job keeping in touch with all the members, well done. With all our regards Mike and Carole.

W. Bro Phillip Kent -Mason

Hi Aubrey, hope all’s well with you. Unfortunately, Dad finds himself back in hospital this evening. Sadly, he had as fall yesterday and they decided to keep him in. Look after Barbara and yourself and your family my friend and thank you for the wonderful job that you do. All the best Phil.

W. Bro Crawford White

To Aubrey —— Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Crawford

W.Bro Gordon Brakewell (North Central vice chairman)

Hi Aubrey.. Lovely tree! Wishing you and your family a great Christmas and looking forward to a more normal 2021. Best wishes Gordon.

Bro David Marsh.

Good morning Aubrey, wishing you a very merry Christmas. My family and myself are all well and thank you for all you do for the Lodge. I know it’s difficult for a lot of people at the moment, and if I can do anything to help in any way please let me know. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year, kindest regards David.

Bro John Harvey

Dear Aubrey, I would like to wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a happy New year. I have appreciated your e-mails the past year. This year has not been good for me (like many others) living alone and spending almost all of it on my own has not made it easy. I look forward to when we can all be reunited. My very best, John.

W.Bro Nigel Baber (Provincial Grand Visiting Officer)

Hi Aubrey, thanks for your e-mails, it’s been hectic at work and totally boring at home. Things are o.k with me, and my family are all looking forward to the New Year when hopefully we can finally start to see some return to normality. As always, I do thank you for all you do for the Lodge and I know it’s really appreciated by the W.Master and all the brethren of King Aelfred. Take care and have a lovely Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Sincerely and Fraternally, Nigel

Bro Simon Stone (Lodge Chef and Caterer) —- Update takeaway information —-

Hi Aubrey, all good here thanks and I hope you and your family are well too. Meals are not going to bad and I think I am up over 6000 since March, so hopefully its helping people. I confirm that my catering hours of business are still the same, meals every Wednesday to take away 10-12 pick up.

Kind regards Simon.

W.Bro Bob Seago

Brethren no real change with Bob, (sadly he has memory loss). He seems pleased to hear from me and is he is always cheerful and sends his regards to us all at King Aelfred and informs me that he is looking forward to seeing us all again soon (sadly brethren this is most unlikely).

Bro Ken Foulkes

Brethren, Ken and I speak on the phone regularly (he has been a neighbour of mine for the over 40 years and I his children and mine grew up together). Kens health has not been too good lately, but he keeps cheerful and sends his regards to all the members of King Aelfred and has especially asked me to thank you all for the wonderful donation to the Alzheimer’s society in memory of his late wife Wendy.

W.Bro Dave King

Good morning Aubrey, and a happy Christmas to you and Barbara and your family. Jan continues to get stronger as time goes by which is very good. We are both looking forward to Christmas and may well spend Christmas Day with the kids and grandchildren in Christchurch. Jan and I send you our very best wishes for Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year. Best regards Dave and Jan

Brethren for your INTEREST Solomon -

Brethren All, this is worth exploring while you are at home. It contains a vast amount of Masonic information that is equally beneficial to newer members and more experienced members alike. On the subject of on-line communications, for those of you that use Social media, King Aelfred Lodge has a WhatsApp group. Please speak to Bro Secretary for more information, if you are interested. Finally, Brethren should you know of any Brother or Widow that might need my help our assistance, particularly in these sad and distressing times, please let me know and I will contact them and help if I can.

Masonic Charitable Foundation Services - Get a Professionally prepared WILL at no cost

For those of you that are thinking about writing a will, but are uncertain about where to start, the M.C.F has put together a detailed yet easy to understand guide with everything you need to know about writing a will from understanding the terminology to useful tips and areas to consider, and to make it possible for everyone to have a will the M.C.F works with the ‘’Goodwill partnership‘’.

Preparing for the future may seem daunting for most people, but with the help of fully Qualified solicitors who will offer you impartial advice, you can be assured that your wishes will be carried out after your bereavement.

Masonic FREEPHONE no 0800 035 6090 or

Once again Brethren, my thanks to those that have been helping me though these difficult times. God Bless you all and your families, keep safe and do take great care. Please remember ‘to help me, to help you’

Now that we are Hopefully returning to ‘SOME NORMALITY’ Would you please remember to read my ‘Brother to Brother’ letter, which is always attached to my Monthly Almoners report for your interest.

Ps. Brethren please note that I have also decided to keep in touch with you all more regularly on the King Aelfred Members Forum —WhatsAPP—. (Should those of you not connected, please contact W. Bro Sam Secretary for any assistance that you may require).

'' Please remember to help me, to help you ''

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally


D A Monahan. (King Aelfred Lodge No. 7487 Almoner)

Brother to Brother

Brethren All.

As members of the Craft, we have a shared interest that brings us together during the year to

enjoy each other's company through our meetings, followed by the social interaction provided at the festive board. It is noticeable however, that we seldom see some members and as Lodge Almoner, I see it as part of my duties to make contact with any Brother who is not attending Lodge on a regular basis, or in some instances, not at all.

I am therefore trying to establish the reason for this. Is it due to pressure of work, responsibilities at home, health issues, cost, or simply disenchantment? Or could it be that they are simply too embarrassed to attend following a prolonged period of absence? Should it be the latter, they should not worry as they would be welcomed back with 'open-arms'. Myself, along with others, are currently in the process of trying to discover the answer to this

potentially sensitive question. Perhaps with your kind assistance, we can collectively identify

the reasons that are keeping a Brother away, and how we might get them back into Lodge, or provide comfort and support to those who are unable to attend.

In this respect, should you be aware of a Brother (or it might even be yourself), who does

not attend regularly, would you please contact me so that we can discuss any issues being

faced, but more importantly, how we might resolve them.

I thank you all in advance for your anticipated assistance in this matter.

Sincerely and Fraternally


D A Monahan. (Lodge Almoner)

023 8026 1892

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