So you are joining us?  Brilliant. 

We are really looking forward to seeing you join.  You have been balloted for which means that the members have all voted to accept you into the Lodge which has been successful.  If you haven't already received a date for your initiation or joining this will be coming to you shortly.  

We've put together some key information on this page for you. 


The first thing that we need to sort out is the paying of your joining fees and subscriptions. 

Our preferred method of collecting payment is by Direct Debit.  This means you never need to worry about any further payments for the duration of what we hope will be a long and happy membership.  Links can be found on this page. If you really want to pay in a different way please contact

We will collect this monthly and advise you on the payment schedule.  

The costs are as follows:

Initiation Fee £176 (if this is your first Lodge)

This pays for:

 - Registration with the United Grand Lodge of England

 - Registration with King Aelfred Lodge

 - Book of Ritual (on completion of third degree)

 - Book of Constitutions

 - Other incidentals

Thereafter our fees annually are £137.50

Joining Membership £40 (if you've been a member of another Lodge before)

 - Registration with King Aelfred Lodge

Thereafter our fees annually are currently £137.50

We will collect this monthly and advise you on the payment schedule.  

Other things to know

On the night please turn up in plenty of time.  We start at 18:00 so a minimum of 20-30 mins beforehand would be helpful.  Our address is 124 Alresford Road, Winchester, SO21 1HA.  We have a free car park for 60 available.


Please wear a black (preferred) or dark suit, white shirt, black tie, black socks and shoes. If you can get a lift or want one please let us know, it's a good night to have a drink. 


Dining on the night will be £16 and will automatically be paid if you've signed up by Direct Debit.  We have a cash only bar for drinks. 

We'll start you off on the 'permanent dining list' this means that unless we hear from you, we will assume that you are coming for every meeting and we'll bill you for you meal.  If you would prefer not to be on this list we'll assume you are not coming to any meeting unless we hear from you. Either way the deadline for dining changes is always the Friday before the meeting.

Please to change your dining status or for any apologies or bookings. 


We run a couple of raffles and other fundraising on the evening, but unfortunately at the moment, this is cash only.  

Join the Website

You can also now access our online portal.  Please go to and register for membership, this will be approved within 24 hours. Please update your details and have a look around. 

Any problems at all please contact us at