Albert John Hardcastle

Welcome to the King Aelfred Members Portal.  You will find information here about the lodge, details of other members and information on how to contact the Lodge officers, make payments and other useful stuff...

To get the best out of the system please make sure you fill out and submit all the information on this page.  You can come back at anytime and update it should you change your email, telephone number or move house. 

For any assistance please contact admin@kingaelfred.com

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If you are currently paying by direct debit this field will just state "Direct Debit". If you'd like to change to Direct Debit (our preferred payment method) please visit member information via the menu at the top of this page.  

Permanent Diners are defined as those that are paying regularly (Standing Order or Direct Debit) or those that have paid for multiple meals in advance.  Members will not be booked in until the Dining Fee has been received.  The deadline for which is the Friday before the meeting. 

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